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Educate, Encourage and  Empower

Hope Fountain

Is a Christian, non-Prrofit, non-Governmental Organization based on non-discriminatory policies that was established since 2003, by Marcel Cirhuza M. a Congolese from the Eastern D.R.Congo. It was created due to the situation of vulnerability caused by war and armed conflicts that destroyed civil population’s lives since the year 1996 up to now. That created a very catastrophic humanitarian situation especial for women and children.

Hence, the Hope Fountain started assisting forcibly displaced persons, women victim of rape and other form sexual abuses, orphans and other vulnerable children. Since 1996, sexual violence has been used to intimidate, humiliate, and torture hundreds of thousands of women and girls in the in the Great Lake Region especially in thed.r. Congo, where rape has frequently been described as a "weapon of war," and the United Nations officially declared rape a weapon of war in 2008.

Hope Fountain started working in DZALEKA refugee camp/ MALAWI Southern Africa since January 2010 as a community –based response for meeting the physical, psycho-social and spiritual needs of the growing number of women at risk and vulnerable children from different countries espacially the Great lakes region ( Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwandaand Burundi),Somalia, Ethiopia, Soudan, and Uganda; among them are victims of rape and other forms of sexual abuses, abused and unaccompanied children.

" The mission of Hope Fountain is to bring a relief to figitives especially Women At Risk (WAR) and vulnerable children".

Contact: Hope Fountain, Dzaleka Refugee Camp, P.O.Box 31711 Lilongwe3
E.mail: 1. [email protected] 
          2. [email protected]
Tel: +265 993 756 753